We would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to every single one of you that supported our Crowdfunder campaign #CarryOnColourFactory

Jenny and Rachael were back in The Square at beginning of June painting this very poinaint thank you bollard for the NHS and Key workers.


Inspired by James McNeill Whistlers’ iconic painting ‘Whistlers Mother’, this hand painted bollard depicts a lady sitting at home, in the background you can see children’s drawing of a rainbow – Exactly as our windows have been filled with rainbows over the past few months.

Each of the previous 29 bollards that you can find throughout Winchester have been sponsored by local business or local residents, here at The Colour Factory, we wanted to mark this moment in time and offer our own unique bollard and thanks.

So many of you stopped as you walked by to say hello to Jenny and Rachael, saying how much you love these iconic bollards and the way they brighten up Winchester’s streets – We are honoured to be able to create these pieces of art for you and hearing your words of support was overwhelming! Thank you to everyone that stopped and said hello or took to social media to use our hashtag #CarryOnColourFactory


If you would like to support our campaign, please click here to read our story.