The Art of Bollards Project was initiated by The Colour Factory artists in 2005 to inject some colour and vitality into Winchesters drab and dreary street furniture.

The Colour Factory Artists Jenny Muncaster and Rachael Alexander began to transform everyday black and white bollards in The Square Winchester into individual works of art. Inspiration was taken from iconic paintings by artists such as Klimt, Picasso, Delaunay, Mondrian and Matisse.

With the refurbishment of The Square in 2012, The Colour Factory artists have worked on a further collection of exquisitely painted Bollards including, David Hockney, Leonardo da Vinci Henri Magritte and Jackson Pollock. The Square in Winchesters historic city centre now houses seventeen distinctive painted bollards creating an intriguing outside art gallery and continues to fascinate and amuse locals and visitors to the city.

This amazing project has been allowed to develop thanks to the kind sponsorship of local businesses and Winchester City Council.

If you would like to sponsor the painting of a bollard please contact us. You can also find out more about the painted bollards here