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This is a vibrant exploratory drawing and painting eight week  (16 hour ) art course that focuses on painting with abstraction with historical context.

Learn how the St Ives artists rivalled Paris and what the American Expressionists had to offer in this practical art class! 

Rosie is a professional artist who also qualified as a teacher – so she knows how to reach out to all her students and build confidence.

Each week she tells the story behind a historical painting and breaks down the artist’s process  into small sizeable chunks. She then takes the class through a series of relevant drawing exercises, ” like a ballet dancer we are stretched and ready to begin the painting”.

Part of the journey is learning about the historical context of each artist’s studied  through a short movie, power point and talk given by Rosie.

Her classes are available live via Zoom  and offer an exceptional  class experience with  constant live feed back. Students can arrive a little before the zoom class and chat to build a real life class atmosphere. There is a Whatsapp  group for the class mates  to  share their art work progress and discuss latest exhibitions etc.   At the end of the year there is The Colour Factory’s Summer Exhibition of  students art with a private view –  a great opportunity to celebrate the work of all the student. These classes build confidence and help you to be part of a vibrant art community.

This class has  5 places at £200 (£12 per hour plus materials and hot refreshments) – all you need is an apron and sketch book!

Extra one to one tuition is available at £40 per hour and includes all includes materials.

Get in quick to grab a place on this exhilarating course.

If you are interested in learning how St Ives rivalled Paris and what