Rachael Alexander
Rachael AlexanderPainter
Rachael works as a painter in a wide variety of media as well as format. From smaller individual paintings to large scale murals her work can be found in private homes as well public spaces such as hotels, hospitals and even cruise ships. Commissioned paintings range from ‘trompe l’oeil’ to abstract and she is also an experienced teacher offering a range of workshops which cover many different methods of painting and materials suitable for everyone including complete beginners.

Jenny Muncaster
Jenny MuncasterMixed Media Artist
Jenny’s paintings are exhibited and sold in galleries throughout the UK and overseas. Commissions for her unique food and wine themed paintings come from private clients worldwide. Her great sense of colour and her choice of subject matter appeals to art, food and wine lovers alike. Jenny’s art workshops are a source of inspiration for artist beginners and professionals alike. Well worth signing up for a day class to learn her tricks of the trade in all sorts of mediums.

Jessica Marie
Jessica MarieSilversmith & Jeweller
Frivolities delivers something so encapsulating and special that you cherish not just the hand-crafted jewellery but the entire package – Including the bow. Jessica creates a piece that last’s a lifetime and tells a story about you to pass on through generations. Frivolities will evoke feelings of freedom and fun whilst being socially and environmentally aware. So even if you’re not wearing Frivolities yourself, you get joy from gifting it, noticing it being worn and it’s principals. Commissions welcomed :)